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Our Objectives

The mission of Technimed is to properly serve the medical sector by providing it with the most-up-to-date technology and innovations in the medical field and hopspital supplies through high level of continuous service

Managment Team

A dedicated managment team was choosen to handle Technimed, people of rich intellectual and academic background with high degree of expertise and professionalism, and long years of experience in the field of managment, sales & marketing

Managment Strategy

Technimed has a workforce of dedicated and well trained personnel support by specialized and professional doctors who present continuous training and seminars on new products and ideas.

Career Development

Career Development is one objective that Technimed pursues through ongoing training, The development of human resources and the ability of staff to build up a team spirit is the key to continuous progress and success. Training of staff is conducted in house or through specialized professional companies. It covers variety of subjects such as:

  • Building Managment Systems
  • Encouraging Leadership
  • Developing the Employee's internal content
  • Building team spirit
  • Building up spirit of company belonging